Full Color Experience

The secret to looking your best in every outfit is wearing your best colors! In a Color Experience appointment you’ll discover your Color Code and the colors that harmonize best with your unique color characteristics.  – $250.00 virtually or in-person (appointment is approximately 1 1/2 hrs. and includes Color Swatch Deck and Digital Color Collection) 

Mini Color Experience 

Just want to quickly know your best colors without the whole experience? Need a little help understanding your Color Code? Let’s schedule a 30 minute Consultation, virtually or in-person for only $99! (Digital Color Collection included)

Color Code Confirmation 

This confirmation is done virtually via email and lets you know which is the best Color Code for you. Perfect for confirming your Color Quiz results! $45 (Digital Color Collection included) 

Color Code Swatch Deck 

Have your best colors at hand!  Save time and money with this color tool that will help you dress with style and create a wardrobe that makes you look and feel fantastic! These business card sized colors come on a key ring in an organza bag so you can conveniently tuck them in your purse. Includes style guide. $50 https://beautyreflectedboutique.com/collections/color-code

Digital Color Collection –

Get instant access on your phone to your 36 BEST colors with the Digital Color Collection for only $19!  Identify your colors quickly and easily with high-definition, digital color fabric photos for your Color Code. Includes a 12 pg. Color Guide and current trend colors! https://www.stylebycolor.com/a/2147528384/ciEzVAfo

FREE Color Code Analysis Quiz –

Take this quick, easy quiz to find your Color Code! https://www.stylebycolor.com/a/35903/ciEzVAfo 

Capsule Wardrobe

A beautiful, capsule wardrobe, shopping on purpose, peace in your wardrobe –  It’s all possible with the 27 Hanger Closet method! Contact me for the personal touch – $85 for first 90 minutes then $50/hr.  If you prefer to use the online, self directed course, see link in Products tab. 

Closet Outfit Planner

Based on your Color Code, 27 pieces have been hand selected that are perfect for your wardrobe this season, in the trend colors that flatter you.

The Closet Outfit Planner shows you, step by step, what to wear and how to wear it so you can be stylish and relevant. The creative guide shows you all the pieces with possible pairings and photos, and an outfit combinations checklist (remember Garanimals?) giving you over 140 outfit options.

Click here to order a planner: https://www.stylebycolor.com/a/2147856246/ciEzVAfoor contact me for your Color Code specific link.

Have you gotten the COP and love it but would still like some help implementing it in your wardrobe? I’ll help you shop your closet first, figure out what you need to add, and create outfits inspired by the planner! Closet Outfit Planner appointment  – $85 for first 90 minutes then $50/hr.